Óglaigh na hÉireann



In Memory Of IRA Volunteers Seán McNeela as OC (Officer in Command) England and Tony Darcy as OC of the Western Command. both men died on hunger strike
On the 54th night of the hunger strike, Tony Darcy cried out, "Seán, I'm dying". Seán replied, "I'm coming, Tony". The other prisoners appealed to Seán not to get out of bed as he was very weak and they felt it would kill him but Tony's cry pierced Seán's heart and he got up and staggered across the room to his friend and comrade.

Later that night, Tony was taken out to a private ward. The IRA Volunteer from Headford, County Galway, died the following night.

The day following Tony's removal from the ward, Seán's uncle, Mick Kilroy, a Fianna Fáil TD, came to see him.

not to help him or give him support , but only to attacked Seán for "daring to embarrass de Valera" the "heaven-sent leader" by such action and demanded that he give up his hunger strike at once. Seán ordered him out of the room.

The next day, 19 April, Seán McNeela, IRA Volunteer from Ballycroy, County Mayo, died.

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